Acne: Fact And Fiction

Misconceptions about acne die hard. Old other halves’ tales about its causes continue to persist, in spite of scientific condition to the contrary. This article intends to clarify some typical misconceptions about acne and attempts to separate fact from fiction.

Misconception 1: Individuals who have acne are dirty and maintain poor hygiene

There is definitely no reality to this statement. Acne is caused by a hormone imbalance in the body. When the oil glands accountable for keeping our skin water resistant and moist, over react to produce excessive amounts of sebum, they block the associated hair roots, causing blocked pores, which turns into acne So hygiene has definitely nothing to do with it. Unnecessary scrubbing of the skin can intensify the problem. Do look after your skin though – wash your face gently and pat dry.

Myth 2: Consuming the incorrect foods will cause acne.

The fact is that there is no co-relation between exactly what you eat and acne. The chocolates, the French french fries, the cheese pizza, and all those other fatty foods that have been lambasted every now and then, due to the fact that of their unhealthy effect have no affect whatsoever on your skin. Eating a well balanced diet plan makes sense. While you don’t have actually to be concerned as to whether your favorite reward impacts your skin (at least directly), do remember that it does impact your total health.

Misconception 3: Acne is brought on by tension

The truth is that the stress that the majority of us experience as part of our day-to-day presence does not result in acne. Often, acne can arise as the side-effect of drugs required to treat extreme tension. Speak with your doctor to learn if your tension medication is responsible for your acne. Stress can nevertheless make an already existing acne condition even worse.

Myth 4: Acne is a merely a cosmetic illness

Well, acne does impact the method you look and yes, it is considered a risk to your physical well being. The reality stays that in some cases acne can lead to irreversible scarring which is more than simply purely cosmetic. Acne affects people psychologically. It is known to affect their understanding of themselves, their self-esteem and self-confidence and their interaction with others. It can trigger sensations of frustration, anxiety and social humiliation.

Misconception 5: Acne can not be treated

With the sort of products that are offered in the market today, there is no reason why anyone ought to have to suffer the misery triggered by acne. The fact is that acne can be cleaned up with the right medication and a regime particular to their needs. Consult your dermatologist if you have acne.


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